Dial Before you Dig


Before digging it is necessary to locate all underground utilities & facilities. The number above is for all Saskatchewan locations.  There are many companies that have underground facilities. It is up to whoever is digging to do a thorough search for all utilities & facilities. Read More

Programs & Courses


The Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. has programs designed for small companies and large companies. We also have programs/courses which can be arranged to be delivered at your site.
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As of January 1, 2015
• Main Office: 306-585-3060
• Fax: 306-585-3063

The Mission of the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. is to promote the arts and science of safety to the "R" code employers & their employees in order to try and reduce incidents & accidents that result in injury & property damage. By reducing incidents & accidents, the goal is to reduce unnecessary pain & suffering & reduce costs.

The HCSAS started originally as the Roadbuilders Safety Association in 1959. To reflect the diversity of the employers in the "R" code the association was incorporated on October 2,1995 as the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. Employers in the "R" code are involved in the following activities:

• Earthmoving     • Paving        • Crushing     • Equipment Rental 
• Trenching         • Pipelining    • Building      • High Line Electrical Work  
• Demolition        • Moving       • Hauling       • Sewer & Water Work                            

The one thing that ties our diverse group together is that we all use large equipment, and we dig in the dirt. A company becomes a member of the HCSAS as soon as they pay into the "R" code of Saskatchewan Worker's Compensation.

Group Awards
These are awarded annually to the company with the best record within their payroll group (there are 8 different payroll groups). The selection committee looks at the individual companies performance in preventing accidents, and their safety program. The company with the best record would win the award - with the award being presented at our annual meeting.

Merit/Achievement Awards
These are awarded to companies who have had no lost time accidents(Merit) for the previous year or have reduced the lost time accidents(Achievement) by 50% from the previous year. These are usually delivered in the spring.

Safe Worker Awards
Pins will be supplied for distribution, for each year worked without an injury, at no cost. 

Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc.

1939 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK
S4N 6E2 

Mailing Address:
258 – 918 Albert Street
Regina, SK
S4R 2P7

Steve (Office) - (306) 729-4863
Steve's Cell - (306) 536-3359 
Natalya's Cell - (306) 222-2958
Al's Cell - (306) 539-0795
Lyle's Cell - (306) 530-3349
Jill's Cell - (306) 371-3318
Stu's Cell - (306) 536-6187
Rennee - (306) 729-4863
Rhonda/Main Office (306) 585-3060

Rennee - (306) 729-4863