Dial Before you Dig

Before digging it is necessary to locate all underground utilities & facilities. The numbers below are a few of the many companies that have underground facilities. It is up to whoever is digging to do a thorough search for all utilities & facilities.

You must make sure that all facilities are located and marked before any excavation begins!

To ensure that all facilities are located you must check for facilities (such as the usual SaskPower, SaskTel, SaskEnergy/TransGas) that may be in the area. To find out what is in the are check the following sources of information:

  • Signs or markers in the area

  • Local Landowners

  • Land Titles

  • RM or Municipal offices

  • Band Offices

Making arrangements to have locates done should be part of the planning process. The company that does the actual digging may not always be the one to request the locates, but you should not start digging until the locates have been done.

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